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There are several different roles in gaining as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The perfect balance between your mind, body, and soul/spirit is what gets you to the perfect state of healthy and happy.

As of  Monday March 28th I decided to accept a challenge to partake in making huge positive changes in my everyday life. I started a six-week mind, body, and soul cleanse to reach and obtain a new level of healthy in all forms. Its going to be quite the challenge and will require an abundance of dedication although I’m already eager and highly motivated.

Most people stick to or start a healthy diet for a cleanse which is certainly a wonderful start and highly essential, but it’s not the only factor in overall health and well-being. Creating new healthy daily/weekly/monthly habit(s) leaves your soul at peace and positive on the body as well. After all your soul is your true self, your inner being.

The absolute first step is BELIEVING in YOURSELF!! 

My diet isn’t all that terrible as is now although I have to admit I indulge in unhealthy foods and drinks weekly that leaves me with set backs within my fitness and body goals. Within this cleanse I’m cutting out all processed harmful foods and drinks out of my daily consumption. I am also adding in intermediate fasting about four to five days a week. Only allowing myself to eat eight hours out of the day (11am-7pm). I will be cooking strictly clean meat, fresh vegetables and fruit. I’ve never been a huge fan of soda, juices, energy drinks etc. but from time to time I’d find myself craving something of the sort. Water/lemon water is all I’ll be drinking during the next six weeks. I do attend the gym regularly, typically five out of the seven days but will be increasing it to six days a week and changing up my workout routines to get outside my comfort zone and learn even more about fitness. I will be tracking my progress with daily pictures. Seeing results is so empowering and drives you to keep going.

As far as the mind and soul/spirit I plan to be making numerous changes and form healthy habits.

*To start off the cycle I am getting on track with my sleep schedule. Sleep is vital for your general health.

*Meditation is something I’ve dabbled in a time or two but never been completely consistent so Id like to get the full effect and all benefits.

*Master changing my biochemistry, switching states and energy to highest potential.

* Work on focused thoughts. What you focus on is what you receive.

*Speaking what I want out of this life into existence. Big goals and dreams will be met.

* Take more time for nature. Whether that be a walk in the park, sitting outside for 15 mins, going hiking etc.

*Reading new self-help books and gaining more knowledge to better myself and future. If you aren’t learning and creating new goals you’re dying.

* Fuel my passions. Work whole-heartedly on what makes me feel alive.

*Take the time to compliment or do something thoughtful for someone every single day. It’s in your nature to be kind, a small simple gesture can make someones day/week/month/year.

*Keep building my relationship with God. He is what makes anything and everything possible.

The list could go on but I’ve mentioned main key changes and habits I personally will be making. I hope this post inspires you to at least make a small change in your daily routine or lifestyle. Even something as minimual as making your bed in the morning is beneficial and a good habit to get into! Being open to new always leads to possibilities, opportunity, and growth. Just remember your only in competition with yourself.

Much Love Always, 



2 thoughts on “Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

  1. You should check out the book “You are a bad ass” it’s always one I recommend to anyone interested in personal development! By the way your blog is awesome girl! Props to you for going after your dreams 🙌

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