1. EVERYTHING happens for a specific reason. It’s up to you to find the reasoning and/or lesson behind it all. Some people struggle with this referring to horrible things that have happened to them. Maybe the purpose is to relate and help others who have gone through similar situations.2.
  2. Never Ever Grow Up. Keep that childlike soul forever. When you live with pure intentions (childlike) behind all actions life is much happier.
  3. Life will and does happen. There will always be hardships with trial and error. This all leads up to more growth and its important to recognize that. Life is always happening for you never against you.
  4.  Being kind goes an extremely long way. Imagine if every single human being gave a nice gesture to a minimal of 5 people daily. It’s in our nature, there are no excuses.
  5. You’re Never to Young to Change the World. Don’t let your family, friends, society etc. tell you otherwise.
  6. YOU are 100% the creator of your life. Your positive thoughts and focus is what gets you where you want to be.
  7. “I am” affirmations are VERY real. Speaking what you want out of life as if it’s already here in front of you is powerful. You’d be surprised what the universe will bring to you if you are consistent and very specific and clear with your visions. This is probably one of the most important things I’ve learned and experienced.
  8. Writing down your goals and reviewing them pays off tremendously.
  9. Detachment. This is huge, when you learn this your life truly changes.
  10. DREAM BIG there is literally NO LIMITS to what you can do or capable of. With this mindset you will conquer your wildest dreams.
  11. There is positive in every situation. Always a sunny side. Always growth. When you stay positive in a negative situation you win.
  12. Do NOT DWELL. Whats the point in that?
  13. Never talk down on yourself. You are AWESOME!
  14. People aren’t going to be as excited for you, as you are. Don’t get discouraged by others or their reactions. Even the ones you consider as your biggest support system.
  15. No Pain No Gain. Nothing in life should be a smooth sail, the sooner you realize it the better off you’ll be. You have to work hard and fail most likely numerous times before the come up.
  16. Self Love. Love yourself so deeply that no negative comment can have an effect over you and how you view yourself. How can someone else give you their highest potential love if you don’t love yourself to the highest potential.
  17. You determine your value and worth. No man or woman have that power over you unless you give it to them.
  18. Spread love and positivity as often as possible. What you give to the universe is what will return to you.
  19. Simply learn not to care what others think of you. You’ll never make everyone happy and there will always be haters.
  20. People come and go. Allow it, accept it.
  21. Make your own rules and guidelines. You don’t have to abide by anyone else’s.
  22. Your story leads you to your purpose. Don’t use it to enable you or as an excuse, use it to empower you and others. Embrace it because it happened for a reason.
  23. Keep building a relationship with God, there is always room to grow closer to him.


A few people that inspire me and have taught me some of the things I talked about in this post (links attached) :

Tony Robbins , Diddy , DJ Khaled

A few books I have read and highly recommend (links attached) :

Happy Pocket Full Of Money TRULY LIFE CHANGING!

You Are A Badass

These both are roughly about $10.00 on amazon

This post was originally inspired by my best friend Maya Robinson she has a YouTube channel with all kinds of Beauty and lifestyle videos. I was skimming through her channel and came across  23 Things Shes learned video and thought it would be a good beneficial post for my blog as well. Go follow her on all social media to keep up with her uplifting inspiring post!  Her Instagram and YouTube are linked above.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and can take some beneficial key points and apply to your life and lessons.

XoXo Ashten




One thought on “23 Things I’ve Learned In 23 years

  1. Ashten! I am in love with this post. This, as well as others I have come across, is one of the reasons I decided to make my ‘life lessons’ themed post as well. I love hearing other’s inspirational words, and yours are so meaningful and seem to actually come from the heart 🙂

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